Yair David, Adv. & Notary


Yair David, Adv. is a leading attorney in the field of Israeli labor law. He is a member and partner in various Israeli forums related to labor law issues.

David has more than two decades of experience in private and collective labor law. Due to his wide-ranging experience, he is an expert in providing guidance, counsel, and representation on a wide range of issues in the dynamic field of labor law, as well as in related fields, namely administrative and commercial law.

David has a rich and long-standing record in representing employers and employees in various sectors, as well as broad experience in representing leading corporations and companies. He has expertise in negotiating permits for foreign specialist workers who come to Israel for large-scale and national projects. He assists companies that employ these workers in the relevant employment processes.

David is an esteemed and well-known attorney in the field of labor law litigation. He has rich experience in representing clients and handling complex cases before various courts of law, including the National Labor Court, the Supreme Court of Israel, and various administrative courts. He has won numerous cases and many judgements given in favor to his clients have become precedents and mandatory rulings that have changed the face of Israeli labor law.

For years, David served as the Deputy Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association’s National Labor Committee. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Labor Law Committee in the Central District of the Israeli Bar Association and is also a member of the Israeli Association of Labor Law and Social Security.

In addition to his varied legal activities, David lectures on numerous labor law related issues in assorted legal forums and professional bodies in areas such as, human resource management, and employer and employee representation. He also takes an active part in professional conferences and training courses.

In 2011, David published the book (in Hebrew) “Sought-After, but Commonplace: Foreign Workers in Israel”, published by the Economic Division of the Israeli Bar Association Press. The book is a guide for the perplexed employer who employs migrant workers in various sectors of Israel’s economy.


David holds an LL.B from the Academic Center for Law and Science and a BA in Israel Studies and Geography from Bar Ilan University. He also holds an LL.M from Bar Ilan University.

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He has been a member of the Israeli Bar since 1998 and has been a certified notary since 2010.


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