About Us

Experience, Professionalism, Dedication, and Availability – Qualities that Make the Difference

The Yair David Law Firm is a leading, high-quality, “boutique firm”, specializing in Israeli labor law. We provide our clients with one-of-a-kind service, blending our highly professional capabilities with a personalized touch and availability.
Yair David, who heads the firm, is a senior prominent attorney in the field of labor law and has been active in the sector for over two decades.
Under his management, Yair David has assembled a talented and professional team of attorneys, with wide-ranging knowledge and broad expertise in labor law, in addition to rich representation experience in various legal proceedings. We provide our clients with comprehensive services, covering all aspects of labor law and related, complementary fields, including commercial and administrative law.
Our firm specializes in all areas of labor law, both in private and collective aspects of labor-law issues. We provide our clients with ongoing legal counsel, personalized support, professional and trustworthy representation before all courts of law, in various proceedings.

The Yair David Law Firm has extensive experience in representing employers and senior employees, providing counsel and representation in preliminary organizational proceedings, and labor law litigation and commercial litigation dealings, including representation in administrative proceedings.

We have unique expertise in various branches of labor law, ranging from matters related to the construction and infrastructure industries, specialist foreign workers, administrative enforcement in labor law, and more.
The firm’s team possesses unique experience in the field of employing specialist foreign workers in Israel, both for private companies and for large-scale national projects. In fact, we are considered a nationally recognized authority in this sector.
Our clients include leading Israeli companies, such as statutory bodies, large construction and infrastructure companies, public entities, international corporations, contractors, staffing agencies, nursing companies, commercial companies, non-profit organizations, and partnerships.
The firm’s uniqueness and strength are rooted in our professional, yet personalized service, which is exemplified by our direct and open communication channels and ongoing client support provided by all team members, including by Yair David himself.
Due to our wide-ranging experience, deep-rooted knowledge, and rigorous, high-quality, and professional work, as well as our personalized and forward-looking service, we are able to provide our clients with tailored support individually suited to their needs.
The firm’s team has had numerous legal successes. In fact, many judgements given in favor to our clients have become precedents and mandatory rulings that have changed Israeli labor law.
The Yair David Law Firm is consistently ranked as a leading Israeli law firm and is highly valued by clients and colleagues alike.