Administrative Law - Tenders and Administrative Petitions

The staff also specializes in representing corporations in administrative enforcement proceedings in the various fields of labor law.

We represent our clients before various state authorities regarding administrative hearing proceedings, such as financial sanctions on employers and proceedings under the jurisdiction of the Enhanced Enforcement of the Labor Law, Foreign Workers Law, Employment of Employees by Manpower Contractors Law, etc. We also represent our clients in criminal proceedings, appeals regarding administrative and criminal proceedings, and requests for permits from various enforcement bodies, such as requests for overtime/ night shifts, applications to permit the dismissal of pregnant workers, etc.

As part of our activities within the field of administrative enforcement, our staff provides an all-encompassing service, which includes guidance and ongoing counsel, preparation and filing of related petitions, representation in proceedings before various regulators, and legal representation before the various courts of law.

Finally, we have extensive experience in submitting appeals regarding regulatory decisions to the National Labor Court, as well as accompanying appeals to the High Court of Justice.