Labor Law Litigation

The Yair David Law Firm is a leading firm in the field of labor law litigation. Over the years, we have provided professional and reliable services and representation to our clients in this field in various courts of law.

Led by the esteemed Yair David, we provide our clients with comprehensive litigation representation in a variety of proceedings, such as civil, criminal, and administrative, as well as appeal proceedings, even before the High Court of Justice. We are specialists in the field of labor law and labor law regulations and have representation experience before labor courts, various administrative courts of law, and the High Court of Justice.

Additionally, we provide our clients with counsel in urgent proceedings, such as filing protective injunctions, as well as in complex, multi-party proceedings against state authorities. We make sure to give our clients personalized and professional service, both in drafting claims and arguments and appearing before various courts of law.

Our firm has been at the forefront of important legal transformations in the field of labor law. We have even participated in the establishment of legal rules that have become binding precedents.