Private Labor Law

The Yair David Law Firm has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of private labor law. We provide our clients with ongoing guidance, counsel, and representation before various courts of law including the National Labor Court and the Supreme Court of Israel.

We provide our clients with professional, customized, and ongoing assistance in private labor law at all stages, including drafting labor agreements, updating employment retention conditions, editing legal opinions, ongoing counsel, and periodic legal revisions, as well guidance and representation in internal organizational proceedings and before courts of law and regulatory agencies.

Our staff is attentive to client needs and recognizes the importance of providing service in urgent situations, such as filing petitions for temporary relief, protective injunction, and special requests.

Our firm provides quality, up-to-date, informed, and reliable services covering all aspects of private labor law. We maintain a comprehensive and forward-looking perspective, with an understanding of the human and dynamic aspects of labor relations, as well as a keen awareness of the sensitivities within this field.